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When I registered for FIT4MOM last February, My son was 10 months old, I had just moved to Long Beach and had no support system here yet. I also was needing to shed some baby weight. After my first week of classes I knew that this was something I could stick with. I felt completely at ease with all the other women, everyone was so welcoming and easy to talk to, and the best part was that I was getting out, seeing my new community and discovering it with my son too. By summertime I was attending as many classes as I could, inspired to make changes in my diet and overall health, I finally got down to my pre-pregnancy weight. But with FIT4MOM I knew I could go ever farther! By December I had lost a total of 30lbs. I'm stronger, more energized, and in better shape than I was even before baby. I now have a place where I feel I belong, and I've made some really fantastic friendships.

I give credit to Stacy and all the instructors with FIT4MOM Long Beach. I have achieved nearly everything I'd originally hoped to get out of going to stroller strides when I first began this...


65 lbs Lost, Friendships Gained »


I was looking for a place that I could get a good workout, hopefully lose all of my pregnancy weight (65 lbs!), learn some things along the way being a first time mom, and connect with others that were on the same path.

FIT4MOM gave me ALL of that!!!! I lost my 65 lbs in some really fun and truly excellent and challenging workouts with fantastic instructors and beautiful views of Long Beach! There are weekly activities and crafts for the little ones. We sing songs to our babies while continuing to workout.

I joined two Get Fit Challenges that were fun and challenging and helped me be accountable towards being a healthier me. Although the Get Fit Challenge was a competition against other the moms, I still felt like I was on the same team with them; cheering each other on and getting great ideas for recipes as well as getting challenged to do more physical activity than what I was already doing. I was going full force with it all and enjoying the ride at FIT4MOM! I joined Body Back for one session as a cherry on top for more weight loss and muscle gain.



Find your Mommy Tribe »


I was 17 weeks pregnant with my second son when I found FIT4MOM Long Beach and after one class I was hooked. Not only was the workout way more intense than I expected (you mean it's not just a bunch of women walking their strollers through a neighborhood?), but I also was amazed by how inviting and kind all of the moms were. The moms night events and field trips are so much fun, and I love that they even provide crafts for the kids after classes. Motherhood is not easy, which is why it's so important to have a community around you. I found my tribe at FIT4MOM Long Beach and I'm so grateful.

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A Stronger, Faster Body »


Woohoo! I finished my first round with FIT4MOM Long Beach Body Back and loved it! After having Claire I had an up and down time emotionally with the changes that happened to my body. I'm thankful for all the fitness programs I have tried because even though I'm not back to the weight I was before I had my daughter, THAT'S OK! I am feeling better about it just being a number and that this is not just about what I look like but about being healthy and teaching her to love her strong body and all that it can do.

Start date 7/21 • End date 9/4

133.3 pounds • 131.4 pounds

Mile time: Started at 9.55 • ended at 8.56

Plank time: Started at 3.59 • Ended at 5.05

1 minute of Bicep curls: Started at 30 • Ended at 55

1 minute of Sit ups: Started at 45 • Ended at 55

1 minute of Push ups: Started at 21 • Ended at 30

1 minute of Squats: Started at 43 • Ended at 54

I improved on everything and am so proud of myself. I'm and thankful to Stacy and the other moms for pushing me. If I can move this much before 7am, it's a good day.


Camaraderie, Fitness and Fun »


FIT4MOM is THE place to meet other mommas and get in shape (no matter your fitness level)! The instructors challenge you, encourage you, and the group motivates you. I have never enjoyed working out as much as I do now.

I started when my son Drew was 3 months old and VERY fussy. He loved moving in the stroller, being sung to, and the instructors often took over pushing Drew so I could get the best workout in. FIT4MOM classes got us up and motivated to get out and about.

The best thing about FIT4MOM is that it is all mommas that understand exactly what you are going through. We'd workout, vent, get advice, have play dates, and Mom's Nights. I have made the truest of friends and just celebrated 1 year of living an active healthy lifestyle!

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Real Friendships, Community, and a Stronger Body »


I didn't know what to expect when my daughter and I arrived for our very first stroller strides workout. Honestly, I thought we'd prance around behind our strollers for an hour and then scatter back to our homes. I am grateful every single day that I was so wrong!

First of all, it's a real workout. The instructors never dumb it down, but they meet you where you are at and when your body is ready, they challenge to do more. I can still remember falling out of side plank after about 5 seconds, but finding inspiration from the mom next to me who was side planking and twisting with ease. If she could do it, some day I might be able to do it too! After class, most moms and kids stayed in the park to play and socialize. We had just moved to Long Beach and pregnancy/the newborn blur made it really hard to meet people. FIT4MOM helped me build a community of friends for myself and my daughter. In addition to the classes, FIT4MOM Long Beach plans great outings with and without the little ones. Field trips, Mom's Night In, and Mom's Night Out helped me get to know other new moms and...


Uncommon Support is the Norm at FIT4MOM Long Beach »

Jen U

I have been a client at FIT4MOM Long Beach for almost 3.5 years now and it has changed everything for me about being a mom! I have made amazing friendships, some that will be life long I am sure. I have also stayed in shape during two pregnancies after joining! I even was able to run a half marathon in between pregnancies because of FIT4MOM. I love the village that has been created by the other moms and how supportive every one is. I am so thankful that I have friends that can give me advice, tips, encouragement, and support! I have told many other friends about FIT4MOM because it has been amazing to me and feeling connected as a mom.

A specific event is when our home was robbed; fellow FIT4MOM mommies rallied together to bring meals for us, donated money to us to replace items and gave us a Target gift card! I was blown away by all their support during that very difficult time! And on top of that, the mommies brought meals to us when my other two sons were born.

Thanks so much FIT4MOM mommies!!


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