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A Stronger, Faster Body


Woohoo! I finished my first round with FIT4MOM Long Beach Body Back and loved it! After having Claire I had an up and down time emotionally with the changes that happened to my body. I'm thankful for all the fitness programs I have tried because even though I'm not back to the weight I was before I had my daughter, THAT'S OK! I am feeling better about it just being a number and that this is not just about what I look like but about being healthy and teaching her to love her strong body and all that it can do.

Start date 7/21 • End date 9/4

133.3 pounds • 131.4 pounds

Mile time: Started at 9.55 • ended at 8.56

Plank time: Started at 3.59 • Ended at 5.05

1 minute of Bicep curls: Started at 30 • Ended at 55

1 minute of Sit ups: Started at 45 • Ended at 55

1 minute of Push ups: Started at 21 • Ended at 30

1 minute of Squats: Started at 43 • Ended at 54

I improved on everything and am so proud of myself. I'm and thankful to Stacy and the other moms for pushing me. If I can move this much before 7am, it's a good day.

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