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Real Friendships, Community, and a Stronger Body


I didn't know what to expect when my daughter and I arrived for our very first stroller strides workout. Honestly, I thought we'd prance around behind our strollers for an hour and then scatter back to our homes. I am grateful every single day that I was so wrong!

First of all, it's a real workout. The instructors never dumb it down, but they meet you where you are at and when your body is ready, they challenge to do more. I can still remember falling out of side plank after about 5 seconds, but finding inspiration from the mom next to me who was side planking and twisting with ease. If she could do it, some day I might be able to do it too! After class, most moms and kids stayed in the park to play and socialize. We had just moved to Long Beach and pregnancy/the newborn blur made it really hard to meet people. FIT4MOM helped me build a community of friends for myself and my daughter. In addition to the classes, FIT4MOM Long Beach plans great outings with and without the little ones. Field trips, Mom's Night In, and Mom's Night Out helped me get to know other new moms and my new city a whole lot better. I also started taking Body Back classes, which not only gave me my body gave me a better, healthier, stronger body. I've been able to shave about 5 minutes off my mile run, do real push-ups, and yes, even side plank and twist with the best of them! I have also lost a lot of weight, but I am most proud of what I have gained...real friendships, community, and a body that I know is strong enough for whatever the next stages of parenthood have to offer.

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