Turn Up Session

It’s time for some fun, share good energy and let loose. Join me Turn Up 4 Week Session!

The Turn Up isn't JUST a workout. The workouts are a sweat sesh, they're therapy, an escape, and empowerment at its finest. The goal is to embrace the sexy, bold badass that you are, get out of your comfort zone, push your intensity, shake your booty, and transform not only your body, but your life!

We simply use fitness to move us forward and dance to set us free. These workouts are intense, fun, and life-changing, incorporating HIIT (high intensity interval training), and dance! You will be challenged, but you will embrace it, and as you step outside of your comfort zone with the turn up... you will step into your girl power like never before!

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Just come with a open mind and an open heart and loose hips definitely loose hips.

Session will be 4 weeks. Cost for session is $59. Drop in is $17

Sorry, we don't have any schedule info for this month.