Giving thanks!

It’s November! That means I see a lot of people posting what they are thankful for on Facebook each day. As that takes a lot of discipline and organization, I thought I would instead post the 30 things I am most thankful for in one blog post.

  1. My husband- seriously, could you be more awesome? Thank you for giving me two great kids, always making me laugh and putting up with my neuroses.
  2. My ex-husband- Thank you for blowing it big time and being such a huge screw up. Without your grandiose gestures of idiocy, I might have stuck around and not have all the wonderful things in my life that I have now.
  3. My children-H1 can be a handful but she can also make my heart soar. H2 gets cuter everyday and he lights up my life with each gummy smile.
  4. Awesome clients- you ladies make my career a pleasure. I’m so fortunate to have clients who have turned into dear friends.
  5. Walt Disney- C’mon. Disneyland rocks! Mr. Disney, your legacy is probably more than even you could envision but it makes me and my children so HAPPY!
  6. Having a healthy family- I know not everyone in my life is fortunate to have the degree of health my husband, my children and I have currently. A healthy life is put into perspective when you know others who are suffering or worried.
  7. Parents-It take a village to raise a child and these two are my village. We love you Grandma and Pops!
  8. Justin Rudd-Here’s to a gentleman who makes living in Long Beach the best! I strive to provide Long Beach with 1/100th of what Justin provides with his awesome programs.
  9. Living in Long Beach- I’m 4th generation Long Beach and my kids are 5th generation. This city rocks in so many ways. I love the diversity, the weather, the architecture, the history, everything!
  10. Dina Conover-Whether you know it or not, a one-hour conversation with you turned my whole business around for the better. Thank you for your time!
  11. Stroller Strides, LLC- Thank you for striving to always be better and provide your franchisees with tools to make them successful.
  12. My sister-who else has a brain like this woman? And the fastest fingers in the West. I’ll never know someone who can search the internet as fast and successfully as you. Thank you for helping me with my websites!
  13. My aunts and uncles-You make every family gathering richer and more entertaining. Thank you for your love.
  14. My friends-We may not spend as much time together as we want to, but I love seeing you when I get the chance.
  15. My instructors- you ladies rock! You bring more to my franchise than you could ever know. Thank you for helping me create a warm, innovative and welcoming environment for the moms in and around Long Beach.
  16. Facebook- Oh, Facebook. I have lost many hours of my life to your enigmatic pull. But I have also grown my business and re-connected with friends. I love to hate you and hate that I love you so much. Mark Zuckerberg, you built a virtual cocaine for my brain. I should really go check it right now…
  17. My Grandmother (RIP)- She did so much for me growing up. Most of my childhood memories are linked to her cooking and her kindness.
  18. Southern California weather- It has been in the 80s almost all week and it’s November. What’s not to love?
  19. My iPhone- Steve Jobs, you did an awesome thing. When I was growing up, I would have crapped myself knowing everything I would someday be able to do from one device. I mean, really, it’s a miracle. And in 10 years I’ll read this post and laugh because the iPhone will seem so antiquated and quaint, like a walkman (sigh).
  20. Instagram- At first I thought, “how dumb, it’s like Facebook but with just photos.” But the more time I spend on Instagram I think, “how BRILLIANT! It’s like Facebook but with JUST photos!”
  21. The internet- I never have to wonder about anything anymore.
  22. Los Angeles Stroller Strides Franchisees- You ladies are so much fun and I am learning so much from each of you. Thanks for helping me out!
  23. Cousins-whether you are my cousin by marriage (Karla) or by blood, you just make life better.
  24. Heated mattress pad-If you don’t have one of these already, I’m telling you, GET ONE! Now I don’t freeze when I get into bed at night. Instead I ease into a toasty hot paradise. Yea!
  25. Degrees in Kinesiology- Knowing so much about exercise and the human body is so fulfilling. I love being able to answer clients’ questions as an expert in the field.
  26. Terrible past managers (and good ones, too)- I think every person should suffer under a terrible manager at least once in his or her life. Without that suffering, how will you know when you have a good boss or how you would do things differently?
  27. My Disneyland Passport. Ahhh. Disneyland.
  28. Aquarium of the Pacific annual pass- H1 breezes through there in one hour but she’s exhausted at the end of that hour!
  29. Awesome in-laws: I love my in-laws. Not only did they produce the most awesome son in the world, they are also a sweet and welcoming family. I’m proud to have their last name!
  30. Patience and perspective! Life hasn’t always seemed like a bed of roses but as I get older, I realize just how lucky I am. If I work hard, I can accomplish anything!

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