If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail (or Toilet Training- Take 1)

The following post is part one in a three part series.

Shortly after she turned two and her brother, H2, had arrived (he was about 2 weeks old when this saga began), I decided to begin potty training H1. As I mentioned in my car seat post, I tend to not read directions. I’m really more of a “let’s just jump right in and see what happens” kind of gal. One of the moms at Stroller Strides told me she was doing “potty awareness” with her daughter where the potty is around all the time and you just let them run around naked so they can see what happens when they pee or poop.

Great. I’ll do that. It sounds easy enough.

Fast forward to a nice, sunny, southern California day. Perfect! The husband is at work but the water table is out back so she can play with it while she becomes “aware” of her body and it’s natural processes. I’m half way there, right?

I grab the frog potty we had bought a few months earlier and put it outside in the backyard near the water table. I grab my breast feeding pillow, H1 and H2 and head outside for some “potty awareness.” I put H2 on my lap and ask my daughter to come on over so I can take her diaper off.

I take the diaper off and she’s ecstatic. Never before has she felt such freedom. This is a perfect opportunity for her to…run into my bedroom and pee on the floor. D’oh! Okay. That one was my bad; I left the bedroom door open. I set H2 down and remove my daughter from the carpeted bedroom and place her back outside. The bedroom door is now closed. Awesome, let the awareness begin!

I settle H2 into breastfeeding (did I mention he is only 2 weeks old at this point) and sit back to watch the show. H1 starts playing with her water table and then goes pee on the pavement. She’s pretty amazed at what just happened so she runs a few feet and then does it again. OOOO! What a fantastic feeling! She quickly runs around the backyard peeing every few feet. It was like watching a new dog come into my house and try to mark his territory. Pee was everywhere. The potty was dry. I was being held captive by my breastfeeding infant son.

As H1 had pooped 2 hours previous to this debacle and usually only goes once a day, I didn’t think pooping was going to be an issue. Nevertheless, I gently reminded H1 that if she needed to poop, she should go sit on the frog potty. I saw a little light come on in her head. Her eyes literally sparkled. I could see the thought process…”Poop! Yes, that’s what I need to do RIGHT NOW!” I could see her little body get tense and she raised up onto her toes. She turned her chubby little butt towards me and pushed one out onto the pavement.


I didn’t panic until she finished and then started to play with it with her foot. I couldn’t help it, I started to repeat again and again, “No honey, that’s gross!” She repeated back to me, “That’s gross. That’s gross.” But she didn’t stop playing with it. To add insult to injury, the dog then got up and walked through the offending log.

And that was the day I decided I was not ready for potty training.

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