So you're hosting a Mom's Night In; Now What?

Getting together for our Mom's Night In events is one of the best ways to really bond with the other moms.

Sure, class is a blast and all of the kids are adorable, but being able to have a conversation with someone without the interruptions of a child is just good for the soul.

While it never needs to be elaborate or fancy, having a general theme helps to break the ice for any new moms and make the event more entertaining for everyone.

So I came up with a list of 10 ideas should you find yourself in the hosting chair for this monthly event.

Cake & Karaoke: There's something about awkwardly singing chart toppers in a group of people that is both hilarious and fun. Since most karaoke events don't usually start until after 10pm, why not bring the fun to your own living room with a home machine? Throw a potluck of cakes in there and it's guaranteed to be a night full of sweet laughter.

Recipe Swap: One thing we all have in common other than being moms, is that we are all on the pursuit to live healthier lives, which is a reason we choose to workout with FIT4MOM. So wouldn't it be awesome to share some of our knowledge with each other through food? Have everyone make their favorite healthy dish and bring recipe cards to pass out. At the end of the night, each lady would get to walk away with a bunch of new recipes to try!

S'more Wine: Take advantage of the weather heating up to take this party outdoors! All you need is a fire and chairs. Create a smores bar and have everyone bring their favorite wine or S'more ingredient. Being outside around a fire just bonds people, it's science.

Breakfast At Night: Pour the mimosas and bring bite sized breakfast inspired dishes to share, because who doesn't love breakfast?

Saw It, Pinned it, Did it: Who says you can only do crafts that involve macaroni or edible paint? Get the mamas together for a Pinterest party and have everyone contribute to a craft project that they can then take home with them at the end of the night.

Long Beach Special: We all love LB so why not incorporate it into a night in? Bring your favorite appetizer, meal, or dessert from a local spot and let everyone try a bite!

Game Night: Go and grab the game "What's a Dame To Do" or if you're feeling brave, "Cards Against Humanity" for a hilarious night in. Mama's can bring popcorn, wine, and desserts while they get to know each other on a whole new level!

Fiesta Friday: Spice up Mom's Night with a fiesta! Margaritas, tacos, and a salsa bar are sure to make for a fun evening. Want to take it up a notch? Get a piñata and let each mama take a turn letting out the stress of their day on that bad boy!

Spa Night: Bring on the cucumber water and DIY face masks for a relaxing evening together that I'm sure is long overdue for each and every mama.

Fondue Friday: Because I've never heard anyone say they don't love fondue. Have everyone bring something to be dipped and put out different cheeses along with some chocolate for a salty, sweet night for the tastebuds!

And there you have it. If you've been wanting to host a Mom's Night In but have been on the fence, now is the time to go for it! And with a list of ideas you're all set for a stress-free evening of entertaining.

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