The Tribe of Motherhood

I don't know if anyone can relate, but my husband and I were a little ahead of the curve when it came to having kids in our circle of friends. It's something I didn't really put much thought into before I actually had my son, but once he was born the isolation of being a stay-at-home-mom was only highlighted by the fact that I was alone in mommyhood as well.

I would spend my days laying on the floor with my infant, working out in my living room while he napped, and having one-sided conversations all day long with a tiny human that would respond by either cooing or spitting up on my clothes. By the time my husband got home everyday, I would be desperate to have an adult conversation and feel a twinge of myself again. I began to realize that I NEEDED to connect with other moms for my own sanity, I just didn't know how.

I remember going to the park several times a week hoping to meet other mamas there. It always felt like an uncomfortable blind date. I'd put D in the swing next to their kid and we'd start with the classic ice breaker:

"Your son/daughter is so cute! How old are they?"

From there we would both ask small questions but the conversation would die once one of our kiddos decided they were done in the swing or pooped their pants. Goodbyes would be said and I'd never see that mama at the park again.

Meeting and connecting with other moms can be like strange, uncharted waters, but the thing that I've realized is that we are not meant to go through motherhood alone.

In ancient times and even in certain parts of the world today, tribes were and are a vital part of human survival.

It isn't just because of the added protection of being in a group or the extra hands to gather food. It is because we need one another for comfort, community, and strength.

Fit4Mom isn't just a series of hour-long workout classes; it is a tribe and I hope you are taking advantage of the amazing community of mothers being presented to you. D is 21 months and I've got another little man on the way, but I find that I learn something new about motherhood daily from both moms of older kids and moms of little babies. Whether your child is a newborn or getting ready to start preschool, we can all learn and grow together, which is part of what makes this group so incredible.

So utilize this opportunity to the fullest. Go on the after class field trips, talk to moms with kids of all ages, go to the Mom's Night In event, monthly. We need each other mamas, so let's embrace this beautiful tribe of women we are all a part of and cease the opportunities to grow not only as individuals, but as a community of strong women in motherhood.

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