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Four Reasons Your Fitness Plan Fails

If you're a new mom, chances are you are struggling to fit fitness into your busy lifestyle. Maybe you've tried to attain a health and wellness goal but you just can't reach it. Below are four reasons why your fitness plan may be failing.

1. You put your children (and everyone else) before yourself.

When you come second (or third or fourth) in your own life, there is always a reason why you can't begin your fitness journey or pursue your goals. Carve out some mom"ME" time each day to focus on your personal health and wellness. Put it in your calendar and keep that appointment everyday.

The six week Get Fit Challenge, starting Saturday, April 16th, requires you to set your schedule at the beginning of each week and reflect at the end of every day on whether or not you kept your appointment with yourself.

2. You haven't defined your fitness goals.

Goals need to be SMART to be attainable: Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented,Realistic and Timely. Oftentimes people set goals of "losing weight." The problem? These people never know when they've attained their goals! A better goal would assess a person's current weight and set a goal weight by a specified date with actionable steps. For instance, "My goal is to lose 20 pounds by June 2nd. I will do this by meal planning every week (and creating a calorie deficit), preparing my food in advance and exercising at least 30 minutes a day."

The six week Get Fit Challenge requires participants to set SMART goals at the beginning of the program, review them everyday and institute actionable steps.

3. Your action plan lacks expertise or you need guidance.

Maybe your goal is to develop enviable arms you can show off in a tank-top or sleeveless dress but you don't know your deltoids from your biceps, let alone the best way to build muscle and diminish fat (so you can see your muscle tone). The solution: employ the help of a certified personal trainer who can help you attain those fabulous arms in the quickest way possible.

Members of the Get Fit Challenge have daily access to a multiply-certificated fitness professional who holds two degrees in Kinesiology and can answer your exercise and nutrition questions.

4. You lack support, motivation and accountability.

It's great to have a goal but if you don't make it public, it's easy to fall by the wayside. Once you set a goal, make it public! Pronounce your goal to the world. Post it on social media or call a friend and tell her about it. When you have accountability, you're much more likely to achieve your goal.

You'll also have more success if you are trying to achieve your goal with other people (or are in a public competition). Success loves company and having a buddy (or buddies) with similar goals will not only keep you accountable, your friends will offer you the support and motivation you need to get all the way to the end of your fitness journey.

The Get Fit Challenge encourages moms in a supportive environment to achieve their fitness and wellness goals in a six week period.


The Get Fit Challenge is a six weeks of motivation and accountability to help you cement healthy habits. The Get Fit Challenge includes:

  • Baseline fitness testing including “before” pictures, a timed run, circumference measurements, sit-ups, push-ups, squats and biceps curls.
  • Assistance in making “SMART” goals based on your initial fitness testing results.
  • End of challenge “post” fitness testing to compare your results and see your improvements.
  • Weekly encouragement and guidance e-mails.
  • Inclusion in a secret Facebook group where you will receive motivation from certified personal trainers and other challenge members.

The GET FIT CHALLENGE begins Saturday, April 16th. Click here to learn more.