Can I take Stroller Strides® classes while I'm pregnant?

Yes! As long as your doctor clears you for exercise, we welcome you in our classes! All of our teachers are certified Stroller Strides instructors and can provide you with modifications to exercises done in class.

Things to remember about exercise when you're pregnant:

  • Most women can continue to workout during their pregnancy (lifting weights, cardiovascular routines, even some modified HIIT training is okay for well-trained individuals without contraindications).
  • Avoid sports that have a high risk of falling or trauma. Avoid SCUBA diving as decompression sickness in mother and fetus is a risk
  • As the weight of the baby increases and relaxin increases in the body, lifting heavy weights/ stress on the pelvic floor (via Valsalva maneuver) should be limited.
  • Be mindful to keep wrists in neutral to prevent or lessen carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms
  • Abdominal/core strengthening can be completed during pregnancy but lying supine should be avoided after 12-18 weeks.

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