How do Stroller Barre® and Stroller Strides® differ?

In Stroller Barre® classes, moms will complete high repetition, body weight exercises in a limited range of motion. These small pulsing exercises are great for recently postpartum women who may have elevated levels of relaxin in their bodies; relaxin is the hormone responsible for softening ligaments of the pelvic girdle allowing for passage of the baby during delivery (but relaxin acts on other ligaments throughout the body making them loose and susceptible to injury). Barre exercises help new moms improve their posture and strengthen the muscles surrounding joints, leading to a decreased risk of injury.

In Stroller Strides® classes moms will experience full range of motion exercises (think squats, lunges, shoulder press, full sit-ups, etc.) that facilitate an improvement in functional strength. Moms of young children have to complete activities of daily living with a little person in their arms or hanging off their person! Stroller Strides® classes will help moms gain strength for motherhood (and will give mom a great calorie burn at the same time).

When used in conjunction with one another, Stroller Strides® and Stroller Barre® combine to create a stable, healthy and fit mama!

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