I just had a baby. When can I start Stroller Strides® classes?

Wait 6-8 weeks before you resume exercise (or until you have a doctor’s clearance).

  • Many internal healing processes are taking place and with increased exertion, a woman returning to too much physical activity too soon may see an increase in lochia which could signal delayed healing due to overexertion.

Resuming exercise (approximately 6-8 weeks postpartum):

  • The intensity of the exercises performed once the woman resumes activity is dependent on her fitness level before and during pregnancy. Taking a month or two (months 3-5 postpartum) to ease back into the intensity of your previous fitness routine is suggested.
  • Relaxin can stay in your body for as little as 5 months post-childbirth and up to twelve months post breastfeeding (which could be a lot longer). Make sure you are avoiding quick direction changes in load bearing exercises on unfamiliar/uneven surfaces during this time. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also a risk when relaxin is present so be careful of wrists and the load they take.

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