Uncommon Support is the Norm at FIT4MOM Long Beach

Jen U

I have been a client at FIT4MOM Long Beach for almost 3.5 years now and it has changed everything for me about being a mom! I have made amazing friendships, some that will be life long I am sure. I have also stayed in shape during two pregnancies after joining! I even was able to run a half marathon in between pregnancies because of FIT4MOM. I love the village that has been created by the other moms and how supportive every one is. I am so thankful that I have friends that can give me advice, tips, encouragement, and support! I have told many other friends about FIT4MOM because it has been amazing to me and feeling connected as a mom.

A specific event is when our home was robbed; fellow FIT4MOM mommies rallied together to bring meals for us, donated money to us to replace items and gave us a Target gift card! I was blown away by all their support during that very difficult time! And on top of that, the mommies brought meals to us when my other two sons were born.

Thanks so much FIT4MOM mommies!!

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