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Welcome to FIT4MOM Long Beach

Feel like your best self again- and have FUN getting there! We have three amazing programs designed just for moms:

  • Stroller Strides- Get moving again! Walk, run, and tone your body with fun exercises. No babysitter needed- both you and your young children will enjoy these fun, hour long classes, conveniently offered six days a week.
  • Stroller Barre- Stretch yourself. Develop a long, lean physique through Stroller Barre's distinctive combination of walking, running, Pilates, barre- and yoga-inspired exercises. Children welcome!
  • Body Back- Regain your former glory- or find a new you. This twice weekly interval training program eases moms of any age into intensive exercise.

FIT4MOM Long Beach: We Believe in You!

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p: 562-879-4214